There are two phases to building (designing & developing) a web site


(1) Design – The design phase is analogous to designing the blueprint (sitemap) of your house.

(2) Development
– The development phase is analogous to actually building (developing) your house.

The rooms in a house is analogous to the pages of your site. Your site’s content (text, photos, videos, etc.) is analogous to the furniture (and furnishings) in your house.

  • design = blueprint, sitemap
  • development = construction, building, developing
  • pages = rooms
  • content = furniture, decoration, furnishings

Building a successful web site is a collaborative effort.
Our job, the web designer, is to build the house (your web site), making sure your web site is attractive, functional, mobile optimized, effective, and profitable for you. Your job, the client, is to provide your web site’s content, including text, photos, videos, etc. (analogous to the furniture for your house).

Time is money. Many business owners make the mistake of building their own web site, in order to save money, when it’s not your forte, strength, or specialty, and therefore taking precious time away from what you do best, and that is running your business.

You are a business owner, not a professional web designer. Focus on running your business and hire a professional web design company, that you can trust and collaborate with, to design & develop your web site for you.

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