A website for your business is an essential and integral marketing tool of the 21st century.  It is no longer an option, but rather a must-have, just as having a business card and phone number is for your business.

Below are 15 compelling reasons to invest in a website:

(1) Open Worldwide 24/7/365

You’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year and to customers all over the world. And, your web site will never call in sick, complain about over-time, use drugs, or quit on you! You can literally earn $ while you sleep!

(2) Improve and Enhance Customer Service

… and without having to hire more staff – e.g. FAQs, sales, and store or business information is available whether or not you are.

(3) Affordable rent

Rent in cyberspace is considerably lower than rent in traditional retail space. In fact, several years worth of hosting services may not add up to even one month’s worth of renting retail space in the offline world.

(4) Increase your Business’ Exposure with a Worldwide marketplace

The Internet gives you instant visibility and availability to a huge worldwide market at the click of your mouse. Quickly and easily expand from your local market to a global market. Anywhere in the world with Internet access will have access to what you offer. The world is your oyster.

(5) Boost your Company Image and Compete with the Big Ones

The Internet is a level-playing field for big and small businesses alike. An attractive, well-designed, professional, functional web site instills confidence with your current and potential customers, instantly adding and building trust and credibility in you and your business and no matter what size your business is.

(6) Update Products and Services Easily and Quickly

… and, without having to print new brochures or pay for more advertising space. Speed and savings is the name of the game!

(7) Your Competitors have one and your Customers Expect you to have one

Don’t let your business get left behind! Better yet, beat your competition to the chase! If you don’t have a website for your business yet, your customers will wonder why and/or think you must not be doing that well (so why should they do business with you) or that you are not up-to-date (and who wants to do business with dinosaurs).

(8) Low Cost to Produce and Maintain

… compared to traditional advertising methods, which often include expensive classified ads, paying for office space and rent, costs and time for office maintenance; plus, shopping carts and secure online ordering is now affordable for everyone.

(9) Get Immediate Customer Feedback

… via interactivity with contact and survey forms, newsletters, online forums, blogs, and much more. Know what your customers want and give it to them faster.

(10) A Great Way to Network with People and Businesses

And, network opportunities are not confined to just your local area. You can build relationships and network with everyone in the world. The world is literally at your fingertips.

(11) Maximize your Advertising Efforts, including your Business Cards and Classified Ads

… by directing customers and potential customers to your web site for more in-depth information and online ordering. Not only will you save on ad space costs, you can say more and share more by directing your current and prospective customers to your web site. This is a massive time saver in and of itself!

(12) Gain a Competitive Edge Over your Competition

A professionally designed web site is an essential, premier, must-have marketing tool of the 21st century (as important today as having a business card and telephone for your business) – one that can give you a competitive edge, help you grow your client base, and generate more prospect leads and sales, substantially increasing your profits and bottom-line.

(13) Additional and Multiple Income Streams, plus Incredible Home Business Tax Breaks

We all know there is no job security today. Protect yourself with your own part-time or full-time web site business and also take advantage of all the tax breaks available for small and home business owners. Or, sell your products and services in addition to your brick and mortar store, expand your reach, and earn money even while you sleep. Ka-Ching!

(14) Stay in Touch with Customers Easily, Consistently, and More Frequently

Strengthen and maintain customer loyalty, establish trust, rapport, and credibility by easily keeping in touch with your current and prospective customers through your web site, blog, and newsletters.

(15) Get your Fair Share of the Multi-Billion Internet Sales Pie

Online shopping is constantly growing in popularity. eBay alone had $28 billion in transactional dollars in 2004. Millions of people worldwide are hooked up to the Internet looking for solutions to their problems. You can be the one to solve it for them and profit handsomely while doing so.

What is there not to love? You and your business can only benefit.

Whether you love it or hate it, use it or not, the Internet is here to stay. Don’t get left behind. Contact Us today!

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