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highly recommend

I highly recommend Taipei Creative. I had a website that I had setup myself using out-of-the-box tools and got zero results. Now, my clients know what my business offers when they visit my site. My message is clear. I fully expect great results when I introduce the site on many social media sites.
- Kara Atchison, Lone Star Technology, Taiwan Manufacturing (read full testimonial here)

met or exceeded my expectations

I have to give Hanalei of Taipei Creative a 5-Star rating. Hanalei conducts her business in a very logical, efficient and expedient manner. Thanks again for a wonderful job. Thank you again Hanalei. It has been a pleasure working with you and you have met or exceeded my expectations. I look forward to completing this project and beginning the next one with you.
- Bill Bertino, Bettino's Pizza
(read full testimonial here)

best of the best

I have worked with a lot of people over the years. I have memories of most of them (some good and some bad), and I have to say that my memories of working with Hanalei will fall into the good category. Actually, scratch that, I’m creating a new category: best of the best. So far (and it makes me sad to say this), she’s alone in that group.
- Tony Vizza, Software Testing Trainer

great communication style

You might think the different time zones would create problems, but Hanalei's great communication style avoided any would-be problems.
- Carol Bentley, Project Manager Delvaux

the complete package

Hanalei’s service is the complete package in my opinion and now that I’ve found her she will always be my first port of call.
- Phil Davies, Sports Fitness Advisor

over-delivered on everything

Hanalei over-delivered on everything I expected and changed my ugly duckling site into something I could confidently tell people about.
- QB, Art Official

exceeded all of our expectations

Hanalei provided superior service from start to finish. In the redesign of our site, she consistently went above and beyond and exceeded all of our expectations!
- Michelle Stimpson, Life Shine Coaching

expand your vision

When you work with Hanalei, she will stretch you big time and expand your vision at who you can be and how to shine your light.
- Helena S., Liv Delicious

personable and attentive

Hanalei was personable and attentive. She expressed genuine interest in my business and my success. I bounced so many ideas off her she must feel like an idea trampoline.
- Steve Wheeler, Home Based Business Guru

already making money

We were able to get my website up and running in TWO WEEKS! ... I am already making money from my site and we just got it up yesterday.
- Daya F., Breast Health


Hanalei, you are a godsend. This testimonial doesn’t fully convey how grateful I am to you. I really, really appreciate all that you have done.
- Laura Whitelaw, Best Choice Resumes

excellent re-designed website

Over delivers. And most importantly an excellent re-designed website! Clients love our new website. Thanks, Hanalei, everything seems to be working great and looks great!
- Eric Kelly, Get Law Loan

quintessential web designer

Sidney Poitier was gratified by uplifting his students for their benefit. Hanalei, with the same giving nature, will give you more than you feel you deserve to help you on your way. She is the quintessential web designer.
- Cathy M., Hawaii Custom Lamp Shades

outstanding ability to over-deliver

From start to finish Hanalei's passion for web design and customer satisfaction is proven by her outstanding ability to over-deliver and to ensure her clients are 110% completely satisfied and happy. She will put YOU the customer #1 in priority, listening and replying to any questions you may have.
- Paul D., Hawaiian Surge

beautiful website

Hanalei’s knowledge is not limited to web designing only, it extends into the marketing of your site, as well.  This is truly a plus. Thank you Hanalei for getting the job done and creating such a beautiful website for new and old customers to enjoy.
- Sharon Forsyth, Akash Ayurveda Hawaii

website looks a million times better

My website was just one little page that NEVER got me any biz until I made the smartest decision in my business ever!! I found the most reliable, easy to understand, perfect communication, friendly and marketing savvy Web designer. My website looks a million times better than I could ever imagine! Hanalei helped me so much that I had exposure on the web AND subscribers even before my website was officially launched!!!
- Helena Johnson, EFT

communication is outstanding

It was a pleasure working with Hanalei. Her warmth and professionalism help ease the challenges of completing a website. She breaks down the process in a very concise manner so there is no guesswork on the client’s side. The client is always aware of what stage of development the website is in and therefore when materials need to be provided. Hanalei’s communication is outstanding and I was impressed by how quickly she responded to my many emails. Our business’ success will be in part a result of her web design savvy.
- Aubrey Estrada, Island Premier Properties

this month will turn out to be our best month

Thanks, Hanalei, everything seems to be working great and looks great! I've had 6 applications today, which is the most I've seen on a single day. So that's encouraging, especially since we just got the new site up and running only yesterday. This month will turn out to be our best month so far.
- Eric K.

design skills are exemplary

Hanalei's design skills are exemplary, she understands the makings of a great website, and on top of this she has the marketing prowess that only a few of the online gurus possess.
- Adam Price, Website Review Strategist

accountability and hard work

I found communicating with Hanalei to be a pleasure and something that I looked forward to. I consider myself very lucky to have secured her services because she has a great eye for the look and feel of whatever you are going for. I feel that the most important things in business are accountability and hard work. If you want to have someone reply to you ASAP than Hanalei is exactly what you are looking for. There is nothing worse than when someone dodges you and leaves you waiting to get things done. I never once experienced that feeling with Hanalei. Sometimes in life, you recognize when a person has a good spirit and soul. I recognized this in Hanalei early and she did not disappoint. Working with people like that turns things from a job into a joy. I can’t thank Hanalei enough for all the effort she put into my project! I can’t recommend her strongly enough! HIRE THIS GAL!
- Jaron G., C O 2 Retire

increase your sales

If you want to create an attractive site to increase your sales you can make no better choice than working with Hanalei.
- Rodney, for the Lefkoe Institute

sincerely cares about your success

Hanalei is extremely intelligent, capable, a teacher with vision and a big heart. Not only will she give you a beautiful web site that captures the essence of your product, but she takes the time [her precious time] to train you to market yourself. Where else are you going to find a web designer that sincerely cares about your success?
- Kathy M.

very highly recommend your services

Wow, this site now exceeds my original expectations. Thank you so much Hanalei for your hard work and professionalism in the redesign of this site. I would really like to thank you for a job well done, and very highly recommend your services.
- Peter Hawkins, photographer

completely satisfied for the excellent design

It has been a pleasure working with Hanalei. Her professional manner and concerns of our business' needs gave us complete confidence in her ability as a web site designer. We are completely satisfied for the excellent design of our web site and look forward to working with Hanalei again in the near future for other business projects.
- Alson & Marg, Goodies Hawaii

make your web site dreams come true

I'm having so much fun working with Hanalei and Taipei Creative. My web site is a work in progress, but I'm happy that I finally took action. Hanalei will make your web site dreams come true. She is also very helpful with brainstorming and masterminding, and offering ideas that has helped me to expand my thinking as to what's possible. Book publishing is a multi-billion dollar business. I am excited I will soon be self-publishing a cookbook series.
- Holly Tsai, Taipei Dining Friends
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