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Responsive web design & development - Mobile, Responsive, WordPress - Taipei web design, Taiwan web designer

Services Offered

Taipei Creative specializes in Custom WordPress Design & Development

All web sites are customized and optimized for your business, mobile optimized & responsive, so your web site looks and works great on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops
  • WordPress Design & Development100%
  • Business Consulting & Coaching95%
  • Search Engine Optimization93%
  • eCommerce w/ Shopping Cart90%
Responsive Web Design - Mobile, Responsive, WordPress - Taipei web design, Taiwan web designer

Design & Development

Web designs are unique, customized for your business and showcases your brand, responsive & mobile optimized, looks great on all devices, one web site for many devices
Brainstorming - Mobile, Responsive, WordPress - Taipei web design, Taiwan web designer

Business Consulting

  • Two heads are better than one, brainstorming, feedback, masterminding, accountability, success blueprint, plan of action, get clear on your business goals
SEO - Mobile, Responsive, WordPress - Taipei web design, Taiwan web designer


Search Engine Optimization, get ranked high on search engines, be found on Google, Yahoo, Bing, SEO'ed keyword focused content pages that brings in organic & targeted traffic
eCommerce - Shopping Cart - Mobile, Responsive, WordPress - Taipei web design, Taiwan web designer


Sell your products and/or services with a lean, mean selling machine, online ordering, shopping cart, accept credit card payments, make more sales with WooCommerce

Additional Services

  • ✔ Shopify

  • ✔ PayPal

  • ✔ Branding

  • ✔ Logo Design

  • ✔ WooCommerce

  • ✔ Graphic design

  • ✔ Online Courses

  • ✔ Mobile Marketing

  • ✔ Internet Marketing

  • ✔ Membership Sites

  • ✔ Web site maintenance

  • ✔ Social Media Campaign

  • ✔ Web site facelifts & re-design

  • ✔ Newsletter & email marketing

Creative Process - Mobile, Responsive, WordPress - Taipei web design, Taiwan web designer

Fees & Packages

We offer web design packages, however, most projects require a CUSTOM QUOTE

Hourly Fee: $90/hour USD (US dollars) or $2,700/hour NT (Taiwan dollars)

Minimum Project Starting Fee: $1,997 USD or $62,000 NT
Payment Plans Available Upon Request and Approval
Limited Gift Certificates are offered to select Clients, upon Application & Approval, and credited towards your project fee
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Why do we use Diamond icons on this web site?

Because Diamonds are rare and symbolizes love, prosperity, endurance, perseverance, balance, invincibility, strength, longevity, purity, success, clarity, wisdom, winning, and abundance. Everything we want you, our client, to experience and to have with the web site that we design just for you.

What is a Mobile Friendly,
Mobile Responsive Web site?

And why is it necessary for your business?
(Watch the Video below)

What We Do

Effective, Mobile Optimized, Responsive Web Design
with Personal and Personalized Attention

Taipei Creative offers quality, modern, effective, responsive, mobile optimized, mobile friendly, custom WordPress web design & development with personal and personalized attention. We believe the human touch is especially important in today's rather impersonal, connected yet disconnected, hi tech world.

We care more about the quality of our work vs. the quantity of work

We give every client and project our dedicated time, attention, and focus, and take a sincere interest in your success (read testimonials). For the best results, because a successful web site is a collaborative effort, and involves substantial time on both our parts, it's very important that we are a mutually good fit before working together.

In a Smartphone World, a Mobile Optimized, Mobile Friendly Website for your Business is a Must-Have, not an option

Over 50% of new traffic comes from smart phones and other mobile devices and keeps growing. The same customer will quite often visit a web site using multiple devices, with different screen sizes, and at different times.

"More than 90 percent of adults now have a cell phone, according to the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project. For people under the age of 44, that number is closer to 97 percent."

Your web site must look good and work well on all devices, including laptops, desktops, and especially mobile devices, such as cell phones, smartphones and tablets. Otherwise, your visitors and customers will leave quickly, faster than a New York minute, and go elsewhere, which means you will lose visitors and customers, and that will have a big and negative impact on your business profits and bottom-line.

"A web site has only 4 seconds to make a positive 1st impression. Make it a great one!"

Design matters. First impression matters.
An effective, professionally designed, modern, mobile optimized web site that is user friendly and mobile friendly, and works across all devices, will give you a competitive edge, keep your business up to date with the latest technology, increase your chances of success, and make it faster and easier for you to achieve your business and income goals.

We are results oriented. Your success is our success.

We want our clients to gain more customers, clients, sales, and business with a web site that works, a website that appeals to and converts your target market into sales and customers.

Leverage your business, time, money, and manpower, work smarter, not harder, with a web site that works for you 24/7, all year round.

You and your business are unique and requires a customized approach.

We do not have a cookie cutter or wham bam thank you mam/man approach, and instead, we take a thoughtful and thorough, customized and personalized approach. We want to make sure we know and understand clearly and exactly what your business goals and challenges are, so we can help you solve, fix, improve, expand, and succeed faster and easier.

Take Action. Let's Connect.
Taipei Creative will design you a one of a kind web site made just for you, a web site that shines & sparkles online, as strong, enduring, and brightly as a diamond, bringing you more business and increasing your profits. We look forward to hearing from you. Connect with us today!

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