Web Design Packages & Fees

Additional Info

Please note

  • Prices subject to change without notice
  • Fees are in USD (US dollars) & NT (Taiwan dollars) – click here for Currency Converter →
  • Fees do not include premium WordPress theme, or additional services, such as web site hosting, domain name registration, SEO (search engine optimization), logo design, eCommerce, WooCommerce, email or newsletter set-up and management, pay per click, marketing or advertising, and 3rd party vendors & services, etc. Additional services can be requested & purchased separately.
  • Client is responsible for providing all web site content, including photos, videos, web copy, text, audios, etc. and must forward it to Taipei Creative in a prompt and timely manner. The faster you can forward your content to us, the faster we can get your web site up and running.
  • Please provide the FINAL versions of all web site content, or as close to the final versions as possible, to minimize excessive editing or re-doing web design work several times over, which can incur an additional fee.
  • We recommend SiteGround for your hosting service, which includes free email accounts and excellent & prompt customer service and tech support.
  • The majority of the project will be worked on via email, to prevent playing phone tag, to better accommodate varying schedules and different time zones, as well as to give us an accurate, clear, written record of our communications. If you are a high phone need kind of client, we will not make for a good fit.
  • Copyright for the design and development of the Web Site will become the property of the client once the balance of all design & development service charges are paid in full.
  • The team at Taipei Creative strives to have a good balance of work and time off, and so for us to keep off hours and weekend requests to a minimum, off hours & weekend service requests will be billed double our usual hourly rate.
  • It is best to schedule your project at least 1 month in advance. However, if you require a rushed delivery service, and we are able to schedule you in, there may be a 25% additional surcharge on your project fee (determined on a case by case basis).

Additional Pricing Info on Web Page and Page lengths

  • Home page counts as 5 pages, as it will be one long scrolling web page with up to 5 sections (equivalent to 5 pages)
  • 1 page is equivalent to – approximately 1 Word document full of content or 1 desktop monitor screen full of content.
  • Not all web pages are similar in length and complexity, and therefore are not created or counted as equal in terms of pricing, and therefore the per web page fee can vary, and require a custom quote.
  • The final and actual per web page fee for each web page on your site will depend on the length, scope, and complexity of each web page, as longer, more complex web pages take more time to design, code, layout, & build.

What’s the difference between a Web Page and a Page?

Definition of a web page – A web page has an URL associated with it (i.e. www.taipeicreative.com), and can vary in length and complexity.

Definition of a page – a page refers to the actual length of a web page. For instance, a shorter web page can have 1 page worth of content, and a longer web page can have 10 pages worth of content, etc. So on and so forth.

An analogy – ONE Word document with over 30 pages of content would be counted as ONE web page with over 30 pages of content and be priced accordingly.

Another example, ONE Word document with over 2 pages of content would be counted as ONE web page with over 2 pages of content and be priced accordingly – so on and so forth.

A house = website analogy – Think of a web site as being analogous to a house or a building. Each web page is a room in the house.

The length of each web page is equivalent and analogous to the square footage of a room. The content is analogous to the furnishings/furniture/decorations in each room.

Longer, more complex web pages are analogous to a bigger room with more furnishings and more square footage, and therefore will take more time to build compared to a web page with less content and/or is less complex.