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We design effective & elegant web sites that brings you more business

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Why Hire Taipei Creative?



Is your website Mobile Friendly?

Responsive & mobile friendly web sites automatically adjusts to any screen size,
making it easier to read and navigate, improving user experience

Happier customers make for a Happier business and Healthier profits


Over 50% of new traffic comes from smart phones and other mobile devices and keeps growing

A mobile responsive web site is a must-have investment for your business,
if not, you will lose sales, credibility, and customer retention

Your Future Depends on What You Do Today

Grow your business online, gain more customers, make more money, build instant trust & credibility (and much more) with a professionally designed web site


What Clients Say

  • - Tony Vizza, Software Testing Trainer
    best of the best
    I have worked with a lot of people over the years. I have memories of most of them (some good and some bad), and I have to say that my memories of working with Hanalei will fall into the good category. Actually, scratch that, I’m creating a new category: best of the best. So far (and it makes me sad to say this), she’s alone in that group.
    - Tony Vizza, Software Testing Trainer
  • - Holly Tsai, Taipei Dining Friends
    Hanalei will make your web site dreams come true
    I'm having so much fun working with Hanalei and Taipei Creative. My web site is a work in progress, but I'm happy that I finally took action. Hanalei will make your web site dreams come true.
    - Holly Tsai, Taipei Dining Friends
  • -  Daya, Breast Health
    already making money
    We were able to get my website up and running in TWO WEEKS! ... I am already making money from my site and we just got it up yesterday.
    - Daya, Breast Health
  • - Bill Bertino, Bettino's Pizza
    5-Star rating
    I have to give Hanalei of Taipei Creative a 5-Star rating. I highly recommend Taipei Creative to anyone considering investing in a website design for their company. I am very proud to share my website and am eager to share it with friends and associates.
    - Bill Bertino, Bettino's Pizza
  • - Michelle, LifeShine
    exceeded all of our expectations
    Hanalei provided superior service from start to finish. In the redesign of our site, she consistently went above and beyond and exceeded all of our expectations!
    - Michelle, LifeShine
  • - Taye, Relationship Vision
    master collaborator
    Hanalei is a master collaborator; a colleague I absolutely want on my team. Her designs are stunning. Not only visually knock out, but user friendly as well.
    - Taye, Relationship Vision
  • - Cathy M., Hawaii Custom Lamps
    quintessential web designer
    Sidney Poitier was gratified by uplifting his students for their benefit. Hanalei, with the same giving nature, will give you more than you feel you deserve to help you on your way. She is the quintessential web designer.
    - Cathy M., Hawaii Custom Lamps